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PHP Programming

Our Experience

We have an extensive knowledge of PHP and consider ourselves experts in the language. Having worked with PHP since version 3, we know the language inside and out and have built an extensive PHP code library. We use PHP to create content management systems, online stores, large data processing webistes and everything in between.

About PHP

PHP is a rapidly devloping, open source, web scripting language. Like most other web scripting languages it can be embedded in HTML and supports numerous databases. It runs on a plethora of opperating systems including Linux, many Unix variants (including HP-UX, Solaris and OpenBSD), Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, RISC OS and works with a number of web servers like Apache, Microsoft Internet Information Server, Personal Web Server, Netscape and iPlanet servers, Oreilly Website Pro server, Caudium, Xitami, OmniHTTPd, and a few more that are too obscure to mention.

Because PHP is free and will run on numerous opperating systems and web servers it is a cost effective choice that still provides all the capabilities of a proprietary scripting languare.


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