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Website Hosting Services

We offer several hosting packages to fit different needs. While it is not our primary business focus, it is a service we offer. On many occasions it's easier to for us to install custom software onto our own server than it is to negotiate with another ISP to get approval for software they know nothing about.

  Brochure Database E-Commerce
Monthly Fee: $20 $30 $40
Setup Fee: Free Free Free
Email Accounts: 5 10 25
Disk Space: 100Mb 150Mb 250Mb
Monthly Data Transfer: 5Gb * 8Gb * 10Gb *
Weekly Backups X X X
Phone Support X X X
Cgi-Bin X X X
MySQL Database - X X
Secure Server - - X
Online Signup
* Additional data transfer charged at $5/Gb.

Website Definitions

Brochure Website - This style of website is typically a handful of static web pages that announce your presence to the online world. You can get email from your customers but are not selling products online. You're basically using the 'Net as a larger version of the Yellow Pages. Very suitable for service oriented businesses such as mechanics, builders, cleaning services, etc.

Database Driven Website - This style of website is more complex than a Brochure website. For example, you might be displaying advertising on your website or have a searchable database of association members or just want to organize and caption your photo collection.

E-Commerce Website - This is similar to the database driven website but takes it further by including a secure server certificate so customers can safely send their credit card information to you. The database work tends to be more complex and you're trying to attract more visitors/customers than the other two styles of websites.

Note: Secure server hosting does not include the cost of a secure certificate.


The additional monthly data transfer fee is rarely used. It's just there to cover our butts in case your website gets mentioned on Oprah and the site traffic goes through the roof.


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