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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. What this tutorial will show you
    2. What you should already know
    3. Other useful tutorials
    4. Why PHP instead of Perl & DBI?
  2. Starting Out
    1. "Hello World" in PHP
    2. Create a test table in MySQL
    3. Adding information to the test table
    4. Connecting to the Database with PHP
  3. Basic Selects
    1. Selecting a single item
    2. Selecting a single row
    3. Selecting multiple rows
    4. Nested SQL commands
    5. Example code
  4. Form variables in PHP
    1. $_GET and $_POST
    2. Forms and Arrays
  5. Insert, Update and Delete
    1. Insert
    2. Update
    3. Delete
  6. Other Tidbits
    1. Dealing with Time
    2. Questions? Comments?
    3. Consulting Services

This tutorial is our minor attempt to repay the general Internet community for all of the free software such as Linux, MySQL, Perl and PHP that we use on a day to day basis. By adding our two cents worth to the global bookshelf of knowledge that is the World Wide Web, we hope to keep the ball rolling. We also encourage everybody else to add their knowledge to the pile as well.

Many thanks to all of the Open Source developers out there.

Shameless plug for our services: Vt. Web Wizard specializes in Internet & Web programming. Do you need custom software to make your website more dynamic? We can link your database to your website to help your site visitors get exactly the information that they need.

If you are considering hiring a consultant to assist in your project, please take a look at our portfolio and contact us for a quote on your project.


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